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For the wife.

I needed kilts on my dash and did not know it.

Holy shit

How the fuck are these considered unmanly i mean look at them


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Reblog this if you don’t take dropped threads personally

Im doing a little test to prove to my friend that most RPers don’t get offended or take it personally if threads get dropped and understand that muses can be fickle or you lose the feel of a thread and that’s okay.

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He took the glass and swallowed most of it down in one go. “It’s good. Could use some pickles. Or some stronger cheese?” He suggested, shrugging a little as he shifted a bit on the stool. He sighed a little and nibbled on a few bits of crust. David sighed again and looked up at him again, shifting to lean against the the breakfast bar. “So you live here now too?”

Jn hums, finishing the sandwich he was working on. “Cool, I’ll work on it.” He takes one of the smaller sandwiches he’s made and sits down by Dave, nibbling on it. “Hmm, kinda. I still have my own house, and I’ll still be there more. But I do have a room here, and I’m trying to help John through something.” He sighs softly, still worried over his love. “He hasn’t been eating, and he hasn’t been caring for himself. So Blake and I are cooking for him, and for everyone else of course. But we are getting him to eat, slowly but surely.” He smiles, floating over the jug of apple juice and cup.

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Yes, but you’re taken Jn. And you already know how I feel about you.

I know. But I’m still able to tell you that you are attractive and that if anyone thinks you aren’t because of your weight then they are just wrong.

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i hate being alone…

but I can’t expect anyone to be attracted to someone like me

especially someone of my size.

You already know that I think that’s bullshit. You’re an amazing man Dave, fuck anyone who doesn’t think so.

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David sighed as he poked at the sandwich quietly before looking up at him when Jn asked him what he wanted to drink. “Apple juice if there is any.” He answered, picking up the food and took a bite quietly. He wasn’t so much upset at Jn being here, it was just that… He was still dealing with his feelings and the fact that Jn was around was going to make it harder on himself. “I’m sorry for snapping at you.”

Jn nods and smiles, he had missed David so much and just wished to cater to him a bit. He went to the fridge and pulled out the jug of apple juice, with all the Striders there were quite a few. He poured David a glass and turned back to the stove, prepping another sandwich. “You don’t have to be sorry, believe me I understand. I’m a shithead, but I’m working on it. Still really missed you, it’s good to know I’ll be seeing you more.” He turns a bit and smiles happily at him, glad he was eating. “How’s it taste? That’s my first time making fries too, I hope they came out good.”

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nah, it’s mostly just wanting the experience of havin’ a personal chef. 

but yeah, dude, if you wanna chill hit me up.

Oh that’s cool, would be nice to be catered to I guess.

Whenever you got time? I’m free today if you wanna go out or stay in and let me cook you up something.

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things I am currently and seriously debating:

  • hiring a personal chef

Getting bored of take out? I wouldn’t mind cooking for you sometimes, we do need to hang out more!

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That Perfect Man


Tony smiled brightly and kissed Jn back before going to grab his camera to bring with them. The Italian shook his head and nuzzled into his shoulder as Jn pulled him against him once he returned before clinging slightly when they suddenly appeared near the restaurant. Tony followed him in and smiled at the service that greeted them. 

Once they had sat down, he flipped through the menu and hummed quietly as he tried to figure out what he wanted. He looked up when their waiter came up and placed an small ice chest next to the table for their wine before asking if they wanted anything else. Tony smiled and asked for a glass of water as well before looking back at the menu.

Jn glanced at the menu, sort of already knowing what he wanted. He moved a bit closer to Tony, their table circular so they were able to sit next to each other. “Pick whatever you want, seriously. I want you to try whatever you feel like, they even have an impressive dessert menu.” He smiles, a hand rubbing his shoulder and sliding down his back.

The waiter came back and placed their waters down, smiling softly. He said he would be back in a few minutes once they were ready. He scurries off again, leaving them now mostly alone. It wasn’t a very busy night, there were a few more people away from them but none close enough that they would grab their attention.

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Just a reminder that Adult Wednesday Addams is a thing that exists and it is goddamn glorious. 

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Why not? There’s no reason to be ashamed of your clitoris Dove, it’s a most wonderful part of your body.

jn stop


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Ya got a teeny tiny one actually.

jn we are not talking about this 

Why not? There’s no reason to be ashamed of your clitoris Dove, it’s a most wonderful part of your body.

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